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LED Lighting Bulbs

LED lighting is the best choice for today's lighting power reduction needs! LEDs provide long life, pure white light and great colors at a greatly reduced energy cost. Our bulbs are also shock and vibration resistant. Call for a sample kit.

  • Low LED Factory Prices means you save by going direct!
  • LED Low Power Saves you Money year after year!
  • High Quality Bulb Components for Long Life!
  • Durable Water Resistant Resin & Shock Resistant Coating!
  • FREE Shipping on sample LED bulb kits!
A-5000 E-14 120V Color-Changing Bulb BREAKTHROUGH!
A-5000 RGB Color-changing
programmable LED Bulb E-14 120V
Magic 9 High Power SMD LED Bulb REVOLUTIONARY!
MAGIC 9 - Low Cost
High-Power SMD LED
A-Series High Power A-12 A-20 E-14 BRIGHTEST LED IN THE INDUSTRY!
A-Series High-Power
Waterproof with Backlights
A-20 E-14
Also available: A-12 E-14
A-9+3 High-Power
Waterproof with Backlight
HP SMD Replacement Bulb
AM12 Mini E-10 Base LED AM12 MINI
E-10 BASE High-Power
Waterproof with Backlight
LED6 High Power SMD LED AS LOW AS $$1.49 ea.
LED 6 High-Power SMD
Economy Light
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