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Swooper Flag Package Deals
Item: Stock Swooper Flags
Size: Approx. 11.5' Tall
Tall Swooper Flags
Made from 130gsm super poly knit polyester.

Dimensions: Approx:
11.5 ft x 33" w.

Known as Swooper,Tall Flag, Beach Wing or Feather Flag.

See our stock selections below. More styles are available. Call us with your special requests.
Price Each: $39.95
Just $79.95*
with 16' Pole!
*limited time offer - No miminums - Call for details - Mention website code: swoopdeal
  • Fits our stock 16' aluminum swooper pole (see compatible items)
  • Stands sold separately
Compatible with these items:
Fiberglass Telescopic Pole Heavyweight Aluminum Pole Stand




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**We have more styles available. Please call or email your requests.

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